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About Russell Collection Agency, Inc.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. Russell Collection Agency, Inc. (RCA) has been in business since 1966. During that time we have maintained quality service at reasonable rates.

RCA realizes that cash flow is the life blood of business, and when you have money tied up in overdue accounts, it can have an adverse affect on your bottom line. RCA is committed to fast and efficient recovery of your accounts receivable.

RCA maintains an in-house computer system that contains a data base on over 2,300,000 debtors. This system also allows RCA the ability to accept tapes, cartridges, diskettes, CD ROM discs and e-mails of accounts receivable. This capability has enabled RCA to merge information into our extensive data base error free. RCA also maintains the latest in high tech data systems which enables us to access information on debtors throughout the U.S. and list your accounts on debtors' Experian (Formerly TRW), Equifax and Trans Union Credit Bureau Reports.

RCA is equipped with the latest AutoDial Phone system and internet skiptracing access, that enables us to contact accounts more frequently and call accounts earlier in the cycle to maximize recovery.

Over the past decade, the amount of debts referred to collection agencies has increased 500%. Throughout this expansion, RCA has not had to increase our commission fee while maintaining a recovery rate well above the national average. In some cases, clients with a high volume of accounts have experienced a reduction in commission rates.

Contained on this website is more detailed information on collection procedures, & standard reports. References from some of our hundreds of clients are available upon request.

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RCA, Inc. Mission Statement

Russell Collection Agency will always treat everyone, as we would like to be treated.

Maximization of recovery with preservation of relationships is our goal.

We are committed to the fair and respectful dealings with:
• Clients and their clientele
• Full consideration of rights
• Privacy of all concerned

We realize that respect is earned and cannot be demanded.

We will optimize the use of our tools within this structure to be persistent in the recovery of your receivables.


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